Interpretation Strategy & signage

After the visitor facilities and natural landscape were reduced to ash during the Black Saturday 2009 bushfires, an interpretation plan was commissioned to nurture a new connection between people and place.

The Storylines

The story curation explored water, reservoir heritage and the significance of the place to people and wildlife, past and present.

The Strategy

Numbers about water depth, reservoir capacity, aqueduct lengths, stone sizes etc became the inspiration for the interpretive elements. The strategy was to place giant numbers on the (unattractive) reservoir retaining wall that would draw attention to related storylines.

CHI also pitched the concept of a ‘yarning’ circle. Conversation circles exist all over the world and parks are places for storytelling.

The third idea was a trail that encouraged contemplation about our relationship with water.


A second commission was to implement the strategy. CHI produced the copy. Production-design by Arterial Design.