A tired botanic garden, an empty paddock and a dry creek greeted the commencement of this ambitious project. Rebuilding the landscape and community support was central to the interpretation strategy.

The Concept

CHI focused on three key areas, reinvigorating the original botanic garden with a theme of ‘Built on gold’, creating a distinctly contemporary approach for the ‘Garden of the future’ and focussing on 'What lies beneath' for the large open space arboretum.

An educational approach was curriculum mapped with a tight focus on sustainability education.

A unexpected connection

When It was heard that Council was planning to erect a historic fernery with heritage links to Melbourne's Royal Botanic Gardens and Melbourne Zoo, it triggered a memory of research we'd undertaken a decade earlier (and cited in Melbourne's Royal Botanic Gardens masterplan). We added this to the interpretation strategy.

The gardens are still in production.

Creative Hat Interpretation

Interpretation strategy and education proposal