Concept Planning, design and production for two major new exhibit precincts.

Healesville Sanctuary is a ‘must do’ in Victorian tourism. The challenge for us was to create something distinctive to increase visitation, yet complementary to the current existing style.

The Storyline

The principle storyline was about valuing and protecting forests as without them we would lose our iconic Australian wildlife. The interpretation needed to direct visitors to a simple and very doable action—promising to switch to recycled toilet paper.

The Concept: Koala Forest

We envisaged a forested landscape, where a raised pathway puts you in the trees, peppered with eye-catching graphic design hubs each thematically based and delivering fascinating stories with quirky and amusing writing. Fun interactive activities evenly spaced throughout. 

Healesville Sanctuary supported my lively, cheeky wording including playing with words, such as true facts about roos (kangaroos), became 'trooly-rooly'.

The overall result is a trooly-rooly fun space to explore! (Stay tuned for Kangaroo Country, opening soon)

CHI role: Concept planning (with design team), story curation, copy. Collaboration with Xylem Landscape Design, Aeroplane Workshop, Tania Ennor Graphics.