Shaping State Education: Mass Education to Major Reform

Interpretation Strategy and Film

The Storyline

After World War II our education system needed a serious overhaul. The arrival of millions of immigrants led to overcrowding in schools. Schools were hastily built using a light timber construction, or LTC. They were light filled, but uniformed and featureless. Many are still in use today.

So, when did buildings begin to reflect contemporary teaching pedagogy?

The Projects

The Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership commissioned an interpretation strategy to explore the role that architecture played in teaching and learning between the post war years and the 1980s.

The strategy led to CHI devising, scripting and producing a short film. The creative animation in this wonderful film belongs to the team of Reel Pictures and Mal Padgett Multimedia (also known as: "those two guys in Footscray").

Creative Hat Interpretation

Research, story curation, script, copy, executive direction.