Interpretation Strategy

The Burley Griffins are well known for their role in designing Australia’s capital city, Canberra, but how familiar are you with their incinerator design? Each incinerator was a stunning combination of functional industrial design and art deco décor. In later years the designs incorporated spiritual symbology.

The Essendon incinerator is one of only a few that remain.

The Storylines

Storylines feature the inventor, John Boadle, the contractor Leonard-Kanevsky, the designer from the Griffin office, Eric Nicholls and the extraordinary partnership of Marion and Walter Burley-Griffin. We also explain how the incinerators were designed using intense heat that minimised gases and reduced rubbish to a fine ash.

The Concept

A series of thematic trails moves visitors through the site. A hub of signage and short film tells the stories of the Griffins and their incredible work in incinerator design.