Short film

After the Department of Education received a film concept about an important policy promotion that was so poorly off-mark, they turned to CHI. We listened and understood that the policy was about bringing people, skills and knowledge together through Principal-led networks.

The Concept

We pitched the idea of interconnecting colourful threads. Threads tie and hold things together and when woven with planning, commitment and training can create extraordinary outcomes. We proposed images that spoke of the work already happening in schools along with inspiring images of happy, confident children—after all, that's an important educational outcome!

The Collaboration

Through our extensive network, we chose to work with Reel Pictures, and what a great choice! Their response to the brief was extraordinary. Using something like 20,000 pixels per second, coloured lines weave and dance, holding images together in carefully animated frames. 

Creative Hat Interpretation

Story curation, script editing, project management. With Reel Pictures.

Watch it here!