Short Film, Sculpture and a deeply, moving ceremony.

When the Bastow Institute for Educational Leadership elected to be 'Welcomed to Country' by the Wurundjeri community, they contacted Creative Hat Interpretation.

The Commission

Bastow wanted to film the event and use it as their regular Indigenous acknowledgement. We wanted the film to be as evocative as the ceremony, so we chose to work with Commoner films, a production company who bring stories to life with great sensitivity.

We also pitched the idea of a lasting artefact, which became a sculpture.

Respected Wurundjeri Leader, Aunty Joy was asked to lead us through the ceremony. She invited Indigenous sculptor, Glenn Romanis to work with us on the sculpture.

The Concept

For the sculpture, Glenn asked Aunty Joy what she envisaged. She replied that she saw a message stick, carved with manna gum leaves, a motif of her people, along with diamond illustrations like those found on the shield of William Barak, a great Wurundjeri 'nurungaeta' (leader).

For the film, we travelled to schools in Melbourne and Mildura, filming Indigenous teachers engaged in Indigenous education. This remains a highlight for us!

Creative Hat Interpretation

Concept, research, story curation, script and executive film direction. With Commoner Films, Aunty Joy and Glenn Romanis.