Audio Trails, trip planning, local secrets, sound scape, Wildlife/Habitat ID for Mobile App

Download the app: ‘Visit Marysville, Victoria’

Nestled within a ring of mountains, Marysville has always been a place to chill out, breathe fresh air and enjoy country hospitality. Sadly the town was almost obliterated by the 2009 Black Saturday bushfire.

The mobile app was designed to attract visitors back to the region. As the vegetation returns and the locals rebuild, the friendly and relaxing ambience is once again felt.

Story Curation

The focus for the app centred on the walking trails, with some developed into audio tours. We added wildlife, plant and habitat ID charts and interviewed locals willing to share tips about secret locations, sweet indulgences and little known stories ...

For instance, did you know that Marysville hosted Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner during the filming of On The Beach in the late 1950s? 

Creative Hat Interpretation: Story curation, audio tours, copy. App design by TILT. Produced by Itours Australia for Marysville Triangle. Designed by TILT.