16km coastal cycling and walking trail

What fun this project was! Outdoors, walking the coast of Port Phillip Bay, meeting locals, unearthing amazing factoids and furphies, and delighting in the diversity of marine and bird life.

The Storylines

With a focus on past and contemporary heritage, the story telling featured lesser known tales. What were they? Here's a few: the straw bale houses of Seaholme, the horse racing track at Newport, the seedy life of Nelson Place, the historic boat building trade of Point Gellibrand, and the convict prison hulks that once anchored just off shore.

Curation covered a substantial 16 kms of coast, and needed to ensure there was diversity and planning in the story telling. Grab your bike or don on those walking shoes and get out there and enjoy it.

CHI role: Story curation, copy. Collaboration with Brecknock Consulting. Production-design by David Lancashire Design.